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Reminder about localised website

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Are there any plans or would it be a good idea to add a small bar at the top of the page (can be added to any other sites that are localised) leading the user to the localised version of the website?

As an example, someone with Italian browser settings, has a bar on the top of, on first load, saying something like "The Italian community has a localised LibreOffice website at Please note that this may not contain all information available in this version but may be more suitable for you. ". I know the text is bad but I think it gives the idea.


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 1 year ago

I don't know how much efforts are required to provide this, but the idea
sounds charming. Can you start a discussion on the website@ list to see
what others think and if there are volunteers to work on this?

Thanks for the proposal!

#2 Updated by Jean Spiteri about 1 year ago

Regarding the work on this, I can do it if it isn't a problem.

#3 Updated by Jean Spiteri about 1 year ago

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Code is ready for this but needs to be added to server.

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Code is currently available on the newdesign server where everyone can test it (assuming the user has a language preference that is not English). It is waiting to be copied to the main site.

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