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improve SEO for new documentation website

Added by Mike Saunders 9 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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  • SEO on existing help content until LibOCon (Ask, wiki)
    • help content is huge repo already
    • avoid double questions on Ask
    • categorize, indexes
    • wiki search
      • users need a reference
      • current reference isn't usable -> re-tag, re-format
      • SEO not everything: is stuff online, should it be? tagging answers on AskBot, everything needs to be searchable and has proper metadata
      • Google is main entry point
      • "How do I do dots?" -> bullet list
    • entry pages
    • possibly linking from OOoForum
  • search on our sites (e.g. embedded Google) until LibOCon
  • guide writeup is optional and low-prio
    • general purpose guide, possibly pay for it every 1-2 years ("LibreOffice for legals")
    • how to publish books, ToC, multifile documents, smaller documents
  • budget/tenders
    • proposals welcome: tools, people are used to...
  • volunteer inclusion?
  • future planning then in Rome ("restructuring our information resources for 21st centurys", it will be no book and no forum) -> get stuff online, Google love it, commission new stuff now and then


Infrastructure - Task #2342: Generate sitemap for TDF wikiClosedChristian Lohmaier


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger 7 months ago

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re-assigning to Oliver as discussed via phone

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Sticking to the Rome-agreed plan wrt. help for the moment, so setting this to later

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