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Task #3117: KG22.05 - Marketing Must Emphasise Project Over Product

KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors

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contacted a select group of people with some ideas, visual identity and plans for a call



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Mike, can you wear the hat on this task? You've been working with Café Netzwerk and IIRC also universities in the past. You have to coordinate with Ilmari, Xisco and others, but if you an wear the hat, come up with some ideas and report back here regularly, that'd be great! This ticket also relates to the campus programme (#3125)


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Italo has written a draft for the Campus Ambassador Program, that I'm reading now to add my feedback.

I also have some more ideas about this topic, in an early stage, which I'll flesh out next week.


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Various ideas:

  • Do more in-depth video/audio interviews with younger contributors and TDF members. The challenge here is that we don't always know someone's age, but we can reach out and ask
  • Build these into success stories, showing how participating in a FOSS project has many advantages - leading towards studies/jobs
  • Prepare an article/video about how LibreOffice is useful in schools/unis, looking at certain features, options and extensions particularly geared to education. Then encourage readers/viewers to join our community
  • Organise an on-line virtual meetup for younger contributors, to answer questions about the project and community. We probably can't say "limited to people X years old", but try to make sure younger people who are already active in LO are available to chat with newcomers

I'll post them to the marketing list now, to get further feedback, before we choose exactly which ones to work on...


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Mike Saunders wrote:

Various ideas:

This is a good idea since Python is attractive, but notice that these Python macro guides are not complete and attractive enough yet. AFAIK currently the documentation team does not have enough energy to work on this part.

I'm writing on a new tutorial (but in Chinese so far) aiming for migrating (rewriting) macros.


Updated by Mike Saunders 4 months ago

Proposal for "LibreOffice Next Generation" (working title) sent to team list for feedback. This is the starting point for a Telegram channel, which could then develop into interviews and (online) community events.


Updated by Mike Saunders 4 months ago

Step-for-step for "LibreOffice: New Generation" sent to marketing-private@ for feedback.


Updated by Mike Saunders 3 months ago

Sophie mentioned this link: – We could add some information about getting involved there


Updated by Mike Saunders 2 months ago

Following up on this: I've contacted a select group of people who are involved in getting young people into the project (or are young themselves) with some ideas, visual identity and plans for a call. Will update once we've made a plan.


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  • Status summary changed from In progress to contacted a select group of people with some ideas, visual identity and plans for a call

Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 months ago

Some updates from people I've been talking to:

  • Repeated calls for mentors
  • Interest in "ambassadors" at universities (see: campus programme)
  • Feedback from Celia in Mexico: young people not so interested in interviews (shy?) but like to have "diplomas" or similar
  • Feedback from Sophie: Open Badges also popular in French unis

I'm preparing the next batch of Open Badges, and looking into a shiny page/site to display them, so perhaps this is the best avenue at the moment.

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