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ASKLIBREOFFICE: Generalized mechanism for common question-modifying 'actions' in Askbot

Added by Robinson Tryon over 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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It would be very nice to have more powerful tools for performing common and tedious actions/tasks on Questions.

  • A user files a question and doesn't provide any system information. It would be nice to have a 1-click tool to ask for more information (see issue #687)
  • A user files a question that should be filed as a bug report instead
These 'actions' could be accessible via links on individual Question pages. Each action could have
  • Link label/text
  • An (internal) description of the action (maybe this could be displayed as a tool-tip on the link?)
  • Karma threshold to have the link appear
  • (optional) Tag(s) to add to/remove from the Question
    • These could be specified in a list as "+add-this-tag -remove-this-tag" etc.
  • (optional) A chunk of formatted text to be dumped into a new Answer
  • (optional) A chunk of formatted text to be displayed as a pop-up/pop-over notification
    • The pop-up/over notification on the Question could be cleared when a certain tag is added or removed (e.g. "-needinfo" or "+filed-as-bug"), or (Easier to implement) when the question asker closes it

The idea of pop-up/pop-over notifications could be implemented as a stand-alone piece, without all the features described above:
Given a particular condition (e.g. Question is tagged with 'needinfo'), a pop-up could appear that would say "Please make sure the question contains blah, blah, and blah, etc..., and then remove the 'needinfo' tag".

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moving to infrastructure project as per

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Asked Evgeny for some details via private mail

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Asked Evgeny for some details via private mail

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Something that needs to be developed. Evgeny will send me some pricing details on that so we can consider it for the budget.

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