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18:54 Infrastructure Feature #1553: get-help/installation: Instructions need update to modern versions of LibreOffice
Dennis Roczek wrote:
> @colonelqubit: your input is asked!
You rang? :-)
> The installation instructions o...


14:22 Infrastructure Task #1755: Bugzilla keyword change
Robinson Tryon wrote:
> Unlike Product-specific fields like the Version, we can't just disable some of the Keywords ...
14:16 Infrastructure Task #1755: Bugzilla keyword change
Jan Iversen wrote:
> Remove skillDebug, skillHIG, skillINFRA, skillLibreOfficeBasic, skillLinux, skillRuby from Bugz...


21:48 Marketing Feature #1380: Blog about Q3/2015 achievements
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Robinson wrote an updated version, but I can't seem to find the draft in the TDF blog


12:42 Infrastructure Bug #1541: Politely remove the wiki page Vote for Enhancement
It might be some time before a viable alternative voting/'bug heat' system is available.
12:39 Infrastructure Task #1647: Blog: Cross-post QA update to TDF Blog
Pending review/approval okay. Perhaps this week?
12:37 Infrastructure Task #1648: ESC Bug Stats: Improve/update generation of ODS files
Script tweaked to reflect changes in Whiteboard/Keywords; might need further tweaks if we move more bibisect* tags to...
12:30 Infrastructure Task #592: Bugzilla statistics generation
Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> Robinson Tryon wrote:
> > Bjoern: Based on what I've heard so far, this description is ...
12:28 Infrastructure Task #1060: Bugzilla: Update whiteboard tags, keywords, etc..
Tags are converted over for open bugs and docs are updated. For stats purposes, it makes sense to include conversion ...


16:43 Release Engineering Task #1183: EasyHacks and CoreHacks contributions follow-up
Update on role of Dev-mentor here?

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