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12:57 Events Task #3461: Encourage / help local events in 2021
makes sense ? Cor Nouws
12:56 Events Task #3461 (New): Encourage / help local events in 2021
Situation was shortly discussed in today's BoD meeting - with Paolo Vecchi, Emiliano Vavassori and me in the Board's ... Cor Nouws


19:33 Board Public Task #3251: Digital tool for participation improvement
It is good to listen to 'all voices'. When it comes to actively involve in discussions, I believe in the distinct pos... Cor Nouws


12:47 Marketing Task #2925: wording for small donations
there is also the effect, that people give 5 $ much faster, easier then 60 $ .. Not sure about the statistics, but so... Cor Nouws


15:03 Marketing Task #1416: Press Clippings
Hi guys and girls,
Is known when and how these clippings have been used over the past year?
Thanks - Cor
Cor Nouws


23:03 Marketing Task #2244: Develop Blog Posts on LibreOffice related topics
Italo Vignoli wrote:
> Although I have drafted a first article about PDF and distributed to the marketing mailing li...
Cor Nouws


15:55 Marketing Task #2389: create an infographic describing ways to contribute to LO
Mike Saunders wrote:
> An idea came up at LibOCon: create something similar, but targeted at the community, and sh...
Cor Nouws


15:50 Infrastructure Task #2135: ASKLIBREOFFICE - site problem makes it difficult to use
feed back message via askbot:
> AskLibO feedback
> Ratslinger <
Cor Nouws
15:48 Infrastructure Task #2347: should query recaptcha/api.js with the instance's language
From what I hear, problems with captcha's still exist Cor Nouws


12:26 Marketing Task #2161: encourage more members to join The Document Foundation
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> No. Then I propose to close this ticket if nobody feels otherwise by end of this week...
Cor Nouws

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