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10:39 Infrastructure Task #3529: Make a small bibisection tool
Beluga Beluga wrote in #note-1:
> Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> > bibisecting works by examining one LO build at a time. An...
Michael Meeks


13:10 Key Goals Task #3114: KG22.03.1 - Encourage Italo, Mike, Heiko, Sophie, Olivier, Xisco, Ilmari to grow community
I would like to see some numerical KPIs - of course these are not everything; but something we can track.
* number...
Michael Meeks


21:28 Infrastructure Task #3189: crash-reporting server access to analyze crash dump
My understanding is that the 'Raw' output is all we have from the client eg. the content of the 'raw dump' tab here:
Michael Meeks


16:48 Infrastructure Task #3099 (New): Increase SSO forced re-login period
It seems our forced re-authentication period is one day; that's really painful. More so because (for whatever reason)... Michael Meeks


13:57 Infrastructure Task #624: migrate from WebDAV and Redmine file storage to Nextcloud
> @guilhem: Do you have insight into the Nextcloud encryption?
> Can sensitive documents be encrypted on a user-basi...
Michael Meeks


10:41 Infrastructure Task #624: migrate from WebDAV and Redmine file storage to Nextcloud
This is way obsolete - I guess we should move to the internal Next/ownCloud instead - and store/share everything ther... Michael Meeks


11:57 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
It seems to me entirely appropriate to have the board make the budget
prioritization decision on this one in the norm...
Michael Meeks


11:38 Infrastructure Task #1585 (In Progress): single sign-on (SSO)
Having to remember, and manage a slew of different credentials for different pieces of infrastructure: from bugzilla,... Michael Meeks


08:00 Marketing Task #1410: Document Liberation Project (DLP) marketing
It seems clear that the audience the DLP is targetting are primarily developers, but also end-users. From a developer... Michael Meeks


10:50 Infrastructure Bug #1083: Fresh and Still version download
Completely agreed with Bjoern; we love to have people testing our master builds - this is by far the best place to wa... Michael Meeks

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