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When something goes wrong with github, they have an externally hosted where they point out two things:

1) Status of the system (green/red)

2) In case of red, some short comment posted by the sysadmins, i.e. some estimation about when the system will be back, what is the problem, etc.

Something like that would be wonderful to have (e.g. as, so that people noticing infra problems would stop coming to #tdf-infra and asking the same question again and again.

At FOSDEM2015 Alex and Christian mentioned that such an external monitoring system (or something similar) is already in place, but it's not public. Hence this bugreport. :-)

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#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by Miklos Vajna about 2 years ago

Copying from today's #tdf-infra IRC log:

14:11 <@cloph> this is in progress re the monitoring, although no ETA as to when there's a public facing status page

#3 Updated by Beluga Beluga over 1 year ago

I think this could be closed as this exists now:

#4 Updated by Miklos Vajna over 1 year ago

I beg to disagree. The is nice to have, but how do I check there if e.g. the TDF sysadmins are aware that dev-downloads is done (just an example, currently it's up & running)? Check e.g., you can see the output of automatic monitoring there + in case something is red, they post some "we're aware of it" type messages usually by the time you notice the breakage.

#5 Updated by Beluga Beluga over 1 year ago

Maybe something for the dashboard, then.

#6 Updated by Jean Spiteri 10 months ago

Is this still valid/active? Will (or is) the dashboard public facing? Has a status site been implemented?

#7 Updated by Beluga Beluga 10 months ago

Jean Spiteri wrote:

Is this still valid/active? Will (or is) the dashboard public facing? Has a status site been implemented?

See these:

#8 Updated by Florian Effenberger 10 months ago

IMHO you're talking about ;-)

#9 Updated by Beluga Beluga 10 months ago

Florian Effenberger wrote:

IMHO you're talking about ;-)

See Miklos's comment 4.

#10 Updated by Florian Effenberger 10 months ago

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Ok, I see, and the answer is yes and no ;-)
The idea behind is to have an in-time update in case something breaks, but I agree it's a bit outdated, will talk through this in today's team call

What's missing right now is the automated connection to our monitoring system
I'll add this to Guilhem's pile, but without a concrete target atm
This could also be something for infra newcomers as EasyHack maybe, to provide some automated output from our monitoring

I think the only thing missing from your idea and the status quo is the integration of the monitoring with a list of hosts - or do I miss something?

#11 Updated by Miklos Vajna 10 months ago

Correct, the status.tdf blog is nice, but if there is some private automatic monitoring already, then having part of that publicly visible would be great. This way if e.g. gerrit is down, developers can just go to that status page, and in case it's red there, then they know sysadmins are aware of the problem. (It adds to the confidence if sysadmins can write some one-liner status text next to a red item, but it's a smaller thing.)

Thanks. :-)

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