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Link the crashreporter field in Bugzilla

Added by Jean Spiteri over 1 year ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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This task originates from The main idea is to replace the current content in the crash reporter by a direct link to the crash report associated with the bug report.


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger 9 months ago

Cloph, Guilhem, Xisco: One of you can let Jean know "whether there's any code on the Bugzilla server (or test server) that is not in the Gerrit repo? From some searching I did there, I found no mention of the crashreporter extra field that is found on the top of every bug report. I might be wrong here but I think this code has not been published. "

#2 Updated by Guilhem Moulin 9 months ago

There are two files with uncommited changes, but nothing related to crashreport and other than that gerrit's ‘tdf-5.0.3’ branch is up to date.

There is no extra for the crashreport field, it's a custom field and bugzilla stores these in its database, not in static files. I have no idea how transform it to display a link though, I'll leave that to the bugzilla experts here :-P

#3 Updated by Xisco Fauli Tarazona 9 months ago

This is the description from the field in bugzilla: A crash report ID or a crash report signature linking the bug report to
I guess if we replace the crash signature with a direct link, bugzilla and the crashreport page will be no longer linked.
OTOH, i think we can add the link to the URL field based on the crash signature.
@Jean, if you agree with that solution, I can automated in the script I use for other things in bugzilla

#4 Updated by Jean Spiteri 3 months ago

  • Assignee deleted (Jean Spiteri)

Sorry for the late reply to this ticket.

Xisco Fauli Tarazona, feel free to do it if you think it is the best way. I am not that much experienced with Bugzilla. Thus, I'm unassigning myself from the ticket. Feel free to assign it to yourself.

#5 Updated by Xisco Fauli Tarazona 3 months ago

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Crashreport link can be added as see also now, see

Closing as RESOLVED

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