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ASKLIBREOFFICE: All new user content flagged for moderation, and no option to filter by language

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In the moderation/flagged posts queue, I'm seeing a ton of content show up that appears benign:<userid>/<username>/?sort=inbox&section=flags

I believe that all content generated by new users is being flagged. This is waaay too strict, and I don't think we have time to review all of the new additions.

I'm also seeing content in other languages (e.g. German, Portuguese, Spanish) appear, e.g.

This foreign-language content does appear to be filed under the language-specific area (see url above); ideally this content would not appear in my moderation feed unless I've indicated my ability to review DE, ES, PT-BR, etc... content in my user profile:

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  • Subject changed from ASKLIBREOFFICE: All new users content flagged for moderation, and no option to filter by language to ASKLIBREOFFICE: All new user content flagged for moderation, and no option to filter by language
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Effective moderation tools for flagged content is important for SPAM/undesired or harassing content/etc.., so bumping priority up to High.


Updated by Florian Effenberger about 6 years ago

Do you have a recent example of this issue? We can hand this over to Evgeny, but the above links look sane to me


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Updated by Robinson Tryon over 5 years ago

Florian Effenberger wrote:


Sorry, this bug got buried several months ago.

As we were just discussing via email, the moderation queue is growing quite quickly. On the one hand it's probably one of the best ways for us to address SPAM, but on the other hand we seem to be drowning in all of the incoming content. Perhaps we need to recruit some more volunteer moderators who can help us to review and accept (or discard) incoming content.

Because there is just one queue for all languages, and because the Askbot software only shows the top 'n' posts that need moderation, we need moderators who speak each language to help us review the listed posts. (It would still be very helpful to be able to
  1. Filter by language
  2. Page through the requests, instead of just seeing the latest 'n' entries

Updated by Robinson Tryon over 5 years ago

Another quick user-interface issue: Moderating posts is not fluid.

Sometimes I'll select a post (or multiple posts), click to 'Approve posts', and the post(s) will disappear and a little yellow notification bar will appear letting me that the moderation has taken place. And sometimes I'll select posts, click the button, and nothing will appear to happen. If I then reload the page after a minute or two, the posts will usually be gone, but the checkmarks will often remain in the same positions, selecting a new set of posts in the moderation queue.

There's no 'clear all' or 'select all' buttons available, so I'll have to go through and manually remove any errant checkmarks.

If the page works "correctly" (with the posts disappearing and the yellow notification bar appearing), one problem is that the number of posts on the page will continue to shrink. So if the default is to display 50 posts and I remove 10 of them, only 40 will be displayed (even though there are more posts waiting for moderation). Only after a page reload will a full list of 50 posts appear once again.


Updated by Florian Effenberger over 5 years ago

Currently some proposals for further AskBot developments on the table, hope to have feedback soon on what we can fund


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