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To foster our social media coverage, create more visibility for procut and project, and have better inclusion of contributors, we want to have social media banner & badge campaigns.

All campaigns should provide:

  • a tagline
  • a small banner or badge for use on social media or blogs (proper license is crucial)
  • a fixed "start" date for the campaign to focus the initial impact, including a possible day of week in the month (e.g. Patch Tuesday)

So keep this alive and to not wear out contributors/oversaturate channels, these campaign should not happen more often than once a month and not less often than every two months. It might be a task for the marketing intern to drive this forward on a regular basis, with internally planning this every month, to be able to skip every once in a while.

Here are some ideas for taglines/topics from previous months, some of them can easily be re-used:
  • August: "I contributed to LibreOffice 5.0" <<LibreOffice 5.0 banner>>
  • September: "I am attending the #LibreOffice conference in #Aarhus on Sept. 23-25" <<Aarhus pics>>
  • October: "I will (remotely) attend the #LibreOffice Hackfest in Hamburg on Oct. 23-25" <<Hamburg pics>>
  • November: "Proud member of the meritocratic electorate of LibreOffice" <<TDF logo>> (Board elections)
  • December: "I will take part in the LibreOffice Bug Hunting Sessions for LibreOffice 5.1" <<Bug picture>>
  • January: "I support/am part of the LibreOffice FOSDEM 2016 team."
  • February: "I contributed to LibreOffice 5.1"


badgesample.odg (191 KB) badgesample.odg Italo Vignoli, 2016-03-06 00:46
month_of_lo_may19_mug.jpg (388 KB) month_of_lo_may19_mug.jpg Mike Saunders, 2019-04-12 15:59
month_of_lo_may19_banner.png (56.2 KB) month_of_lo_may19_banner.png Mike Saunders, 2019-04-15 11:06

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